Your home should be safe, comfortable and enjoyed! For home, pool or travel — Sweetwater Propane provides the product and service you deserve.


Why Propane?

The Clean Air Act of 1990 declared propane to be a CLEAN fuel. It doesn’t give off air pollutants like carbon monoxide or other greenhouse gases. Switching to Propane makes our communities healthier places to live. So go ahead, reduce your carbon footprint. It’s a good thing to do.


One Fuel, Many Applications

You probably know that propane is used for space heaters, fireplaces and water heaters. But your recreation will benefit from Propane too. At the swimming pool or spa, camper or cookout, it’s a terrific choice. Even your stand-by generator will keep running should the power go out.


Buying from Sweetwater

We will exceed expectations because of our team of dedicated employees. We treat our relationships with care and your property as if it were our own, Rest easy. Whether installing new tanks, delivering your order, or talking with you about your fuel needs, dedication and experience are what have made Sweetwater a trusted name.


Saving with Sweetwater

If you order as a group with your neighbors within a two mile radius, you can benefit from special discounts over our competitive rates. Orders must be coordinated by a group leader and ordered together (must be 500 and 1,000 gallon tanks). Let us give you more details!