“Summer”izing Your Propane Tank

“Summer”izing Your Propane Tank

By: Amanda Herr

Some may think that you only need to prepare your tank for the winter time, however that is not always the case. There are also many things that you should do to prepare your tank for the summer months. Propane tanks require year round care to keep them functioning properly and knowing how to care for your tank can save you from having to make costly repairs in the future. It can also help to keep our delivery drivers as safe as possible when they are delivering on your property.

Summer is a great time to paint your tank. First, if there is any rust on your tank, it should be removed immediately. Rust, if it isn’t treated in a timely manner, can eventually eat through your tank and cause a leak. Not only will your tank be spewing propane, but if water gets into the tank it will contaminate all the propane in the tank rendering it unusable. Once all the rust is removed from the tank, it should then be cleaned and painted to keep it in good shape.

Another great thing to do during the summer is to clean up the area around your tank. Make sure the tank is easily accessible for our drivers. This includes making a clear path to the tank and trim any branches or bushes that may be blocking the path to the tank or blocking the tank itself. Remove any nests that may be around the tank or under the tank lid. This will keep our drivers from tripping and getting stung or bitten while delivering.

Last thing we recommend is to make any necessary repairs to your propane system and get your tank filled one last time before the summer. This way when the cold weather hits in the fall you aren’t scrambling to get your tank filled. Your propane will not go bad over the summer or leak out of your tank as long as you take proper care of your tank. Remember to never make any repairs or modifications to your propane system on your own. This should be taken care of by a certified professional.